Contact Your MP

The Restorative Justice APPG is keen to work with MP’s from across the chamber and always invites new Members to get involved.

If you are keen for your MP to get involved with the Restorative Justice APPG please feel free to use the email blurb below and contact them via their parliamentary email address.

If you aren’t sure who your MP is you are able to find out here.

Dear (Insert your MP’s name) MP

I am emailing you as a constituent to ask that you support the Restorative Justice APPG in their efforts to increase access, awareness and capacity of restorative justice and restorative practices across the UK.

Restorative Justice does not only apply in a criminal justice setting but can also be applied within schools, the health service and many other settings. It can be a life changing resource for those involved in the process and it’s crucial that the Government recognises the importance of restorative practices moving forward.

The APPG is currently conducting an inquiry into ‘Restorative Practices in 2020/2021’ which aims to reflect upon the 2012 and 2017 government priorities for Restorative Justice but also aims to provide a clear set of recommendations to the Government to improve the industry.

I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on Restorative Justice and perhaps gauge your interest in joining the APPG.

 Best wishes,

(Insert your name)