The Restorative Justice APPG is pleased to announce that the Advisory Board is accepting applications.

We stand at the threshold of an exciting year, brimming with opportunities that will shape the trajectory of the sector. With an upcoming election, our commitment to advancing restorative justice and restorative practice takes on heightened importance. Your active involvement will ensure its prominence on the political agenda. Joining us at this pivotal moment empowers you to play a pivotal role in a campaign poised to redefine our nation’s approach to justice.

Your engagement is vital as we continue on this journey. As a self-funded group collaborating with parliamentarians across party lines, your efforts will contribute to the widespread adoption of restorative justice and restorative practices across the UK.

As a testament to the group’s accomplishments, please find below a letter from our Chair, Elliot Colburn MP, highlighting the significant work undertaken by the group.

To become part of this committed group, kindly complete the form below and submit it via email to the Group Secretariat at CalComms. You can send the form to We look forward to receiving your application.