Restorative Justice APPG Invites Applications to Join Advisory Board

Ahead of the formal publications of our 2022 Briefing Papers, the Restorative Justice All-Party Parliamentary Group is delighted to welcome new applications to join the Advisory Board for 2022/2023.

The APPG Advisory Board is represented by organisations involved across all sectors of restorative justice and practice, these include the practice and delivery of restorative practices, those involved in academia, charities and NGOs. Advisory Board Members use their unique insight and experience to provide strategic counsel and advice to the APPG Members, which are comprised of MP’s and Peers from all parties in Westminster.

The APPG is keen to welcome up to 15 organisations onto the AB for this coming year and is seeking a diverse group of stakeholders to help support the emerging work programme of the group. Those in the backgrounds of education, higher education, the health service and the wider community are particularly encouraged to apply to join the Advisory Board given the APPG’s interest in multiple disciplines.

Jim Simon, the current Chair of the Advisory Board commented:

“The Advisory Board plays an important role in supporting MP’s and Peers drive forward cross-party conversations on restorative justice in its many forms. Being part of the Board allows us to raise issues which directly impact the restorative sector and provide APPG members with the advice, evidence and support they require to seek opportunities for policy discussion and consultation. Having chaired the Advisory Board for the last 2 years, I can see the impact our advice has had in enabling the APPG to raise the profile of restorative justice across government. As we head into our third year, it is important that we have an Advisory Board which represents the diversity of practice across the restorative sector. I would strongly encourage organisations to be part of this of this remarkable group of dedicated MP’s and Peers.”

Membership of the Advisory Board provides unique opportunities to engage with MP’s and Peers on key issues within the sector. Membership of the Board, in line with common APPG practices, will also come with a requirement to help support the resourcing of the Group to meet the costs of the 2022-23 work stream. The newly reconstituted Advisory Board’s first priority is to prepare a broad work programme for the upcoming parliamentary year.

If you wish to express an interest in joining the Advisory Board, please direct all enquiries to CalComms, the group secretariat. Please email for further details or call 0203 813 5559.