Victims & Prisoners Bill

It is expected that tonight, Wednesday, January 24th, the Committee Stage of the Victims and Prisoners Bill will witness a thorough examination in the House of Lords. The APPG has actively contributed to the Bill’s development during its time in the Commons and eagerly anticipates collaborating with Members in the House of Lords on this critical issue.

As part of our ongoing engagement with Members of the Lords, the APPG has formally requested a briefing paper outlining the advantages of Restorative Justice (RJ), presenting evidence supporting RJ, and, notably, highlighting two key amendments that could significantly enhance the provision of RJ.

The below document, shared among our Members in the Lords and the broader upper house cohort, is designed to inform, raise awareness, and ultimately garner legislative support for the indispensable work of RJ. We believe this briefing will play a pivotal role in shaping the discourse surrounding the bill and its potential impact on restorative justice.